ara shahinian


Important disclaimer

Fuel surcharge of $15 will be added if driving range exceeds 55 miles. This rate doubles every additional 15 miles.

Prior to shoot date, a courtesy housekeeping check-list will be text and/or emailed to persons in charge of property. Meeting the checklist is the sole responsibility of the person in charge of property. This is meant to ensure uninterrupted start time upon arrival. Not meeting these requirements, which results in a longer wait time, a $15 charge will accrue.

Any lifting of heavy items and/or furniture such as couches, TVs, heaters, tables, etc. will result in an additional charge. This, of course, will be determined and agreed upon by both parties at the job site, but no less than $50 is the rate. 

Aggressive pets must be placed in a controlled environment, away from photographer at all times. No exceptions. Home owners and renters must be notified and prepared for photographer’s arrival. It is preferred if they’re not at the property during shoot times, if it’s at all possible. Otherwise this may result in a longer shoot time.